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Kirkosaurus Urethane Motor Mount Inserts FAQ

Q: Do these urethane inserts replace my mounts or the stock rubber in the mounts?

A: No. The urethane inserts are simply that – inserts. The are inserted on either side of the stock motor mount filling in the space between the rubber and holding the center metal ring in place.

Q: My rubber is totally ripped up in my stock mounts. Can I still use the urethane inserts?

A: Absolutely. The inserts are an excellent way to bring old and worn motor mounts back to life. As long as the rubber and center ring can still be pieced together the inserts will hold everything in place, even if the ring and rubber have come out of the mount.

Q: Will these cause noticeable vibration?

A: Yes, vibration will increase a little, mostly at idle. Although it is somewhat noticeable it is very easy to get used to. After the inserts settle a bit vibration does decrease in most cases. Most people, including myself, have urethane inserts in their daily driver and don’t even notice the vibration anymore. The throttle response makes you forget about the vibration!

Q: Why are the inserts for the front and rear mounts only?

A: The front and rear mounts, also know as the torque mounts, are what absorb the twisting motion of the engine. In the MR2 the engine sits transversly so the engine twists front to back when accererating/decelerating. The side mounts do not benefit from being filled and in most cases actually cause more unecessary vibration.

Q: Do you make inserts for the side mounts?

A: No.

Q: Do I have to remove my engine to install the inserts?

A: Absolutely not. You just remove one mount at a time. The other 3 mounts hold up the engine just fine. Most applications require a jack to help push up on the engine for easier motor mount removal and installation, but it varies from car to car.

Q: Will these inserts damage my car?

A: Probably not. Unlike solid urethane motor mounts these mounts fill in the spaces in the stock rubber, allowing the engine to flex somewhat but the mounts are still stiff enough to increase performance. It is recommended that you replace the motor mount bolts as they are many years old by now. If you have good engine mount bolts, tighten them to spec and don’t have any rust at the bolt down locations you shouldn’t have any problems.

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