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MR2 ’85-86 NA 4AGE (1.6L NA) (manual trans.)
MR2 ’87-89 NA/SC 4AGE/4AGZE (1.6L NA/SC)(manual trans.)
MR2 ’90-99 3SGTE (2.0L turbo)
MR2 ’90-99 3SGE/5SFE (2.0L/2.2L NA) (manual trans.)
MR2 ’90-99 3SGE/5SFE (2.0L/2.2LNA) (automatic trans.)
MR2 ’00-05 Spyder 1ZZFE (all)
Celica ’88-93 Alltrac 3SGTE (2.0L turbo)
Celica ’86-89 3SFE/3SGE (2.0L)(manual trans.)
Celica ’90-93 5SFE GT/GT-S (2.2L)(manual trans.)
Celica ’90-93 4AFE ST (1.6L)(manual trans.)
Celica ’94-99 7AFE/5SFE (1.8L/2.2L) (manual trans.)
Celica ’94-99 GT-4 3SGTE (2.0L turbo)
Celica ’00-05 (All w/manual trans.)
Corolla/Matrix/Pontiac Vibe ’03-08 (All w/manual trans.)
Lotus Elise/Exige (All with Toyota engine)

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